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Roku Support 4K UHD Platform Secret Diagnostics Screen How To Access, Use and Short Overview.

Roku Platform secret screen and what the Roku 4 platform secret screen is that a troubleshooting screen that’s mainly used by the support personnel now We are going to show you how to get to yourself because it’s useful as an end user to have these tools Roku Support.

It’s a hidden menu on your roku you can’t get to it through them to the regular menu you can get to the many many of the features on it through the regular memory menu but you can’t get to the screen just by going to a menu so we show you how to do that next.

We want to put in a small cabin here this is a support screen it’s got some powerful tools in it and we are not responsible for anything you do
to your roku using this screen there are some firmware upgrade possible.

Especially for Wi-Fi so first we’re going to get you to do thing you need to do to get to this screen is to hit home so we hit the home button on there out there and once you’re at the home screen is going to be we’re going to hit the home button five times the fast forward button the play button the rewind button the play button again and  the fast forward button again and that gets you into the screen so let’s just  do that quickly and it has to be done.

Roku Support

Roku Support

Quickly so if you don’t get it the first time just speed it up a little bit and then  you’ll probably get it the second time so let’s do it and i’ll show you the
sequence.,OK so home five times one two three four  five fast forward play rewind play fast forward and their bank.

we’re at the platform secret screen now  the information that’s useful here for you is that I would say the temperature in the fainer kind of crucial you don’t want your roku running really hot if you  don’t need to need to have it run hot in other words you want to put it in a cool place you want to put it some place.where the where the vent holes on the bottom of the roku aren’t covered by anything usually a flat surface.Roku Support It’s probably the best but you know again you need to have those that vent holes open for the air to flow through  it.

Roku Support speed it says twenty five percent so it’s running it you know a pretty low rate I think this is more or less the idol temperature and the idol fan speed the gives you your IP address and you know that various other system information here but that the nice thing there’s you see that the green bar on the temperature is fine so as long as it’s green you’re good you don’t want to run this super hot.

You know I’ve had there’s a lot of complaints on amazon a bout the fan and I’m wondering if people are just putting it in the wrong place like a shag carpet or something or something where it’s going to run hot  and the fans just kicking hard to try and cool it down so again this is useful so let’s go through the various menus here we get the system’s operation then you could  click on that and you see that this for items here system reboots this is system  suspended.

They basically are self-explanatory so  let’s go down to the third one which disabled disabled network kings this is a networking ash feature and the  roku will respond to pings if you pin it if you ping the IP address its on with a computer it will respond me PS some of some what a security issue  for some people so you can disable that and then you have the second one outside the fourth.


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