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Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  you were wondering how to add more channels to your roku other than the standard channels that come on the roku so you can watch basically anything you want all of the free movies new and old all of the TV shows you want to watch live shadows and so forth as you guys know the roku have a lot of stuff but it is at the same time very limited in order to watch movies and stuff like that you would have to be the wrentham or pay for the Netflix application subscription monthly or hulu clothes or anything of that sort so i’m going to show you how to add everything that you need to basically not jailbreak it made you break your roku box

Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  but what if you want to use that term you can use it well basically open it up so you can do pretty much anything you want with the Box all right so let me show you how to do it first I’m going to put this link on the description of the video so you can find it easily they’re right here you have to download an application called flex if you’re not familiar with flex flex is a media server that you installed on your computer on their from there you could have a stream all the content to your roku box

Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  so basically you click on computer and then you download the the plex media server on to your computer and then you had all the all the unsupported channels on there so you can access it through your Roku Roku now recently updated is functionality and now they included flex which is great so we’re able to do all of these thanks to that ok then once you download flex you have to go to this page which again i’m going to put on the description of the video and in here you scroll down it and right here where it says that little plugin bundle as if

Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu PlusRoku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  you have to click on that you have to download it once you find it here you open up the folder that you have it at in this case I have it on the downloads and right click and send it to the desktop whichever way you want to send it to the next top with doing at this is my best way to do it so you basically send it to your desktop and then you’ll have it there then I once you have flex obviously install you’re going to right-click flex and you’re going to open plugins folder this is where all the plugins are at and then you’re going to have these on support of plugins folder here you’re gonna drag it onto here and here it is on the bottom for me here alrighty then once you have it there you go to play the Flex server and just like

if you would to add if you were to add movies or TV shows or pictures or home videos or anything like that you would add these channel to your this bundle to your channels and then you would access all of the channels on the on the road where you’re going to have everything from A to Z free movies movies there are even in the movie theater live shadows a lot a lot of content that is not currently available on the regular channels on roku because obviously they

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