Roku Channel Store

hey guys i understand that some of you may be having difficulty trying to Roku Channel Store add private channels the system is not updating it even though you’ve tried it so many different times and you’ve tried in many different channels i personally experienced it as well

so what I ended up doing was I had to put my roku back in to factory settings put your roku in to factory settings it’s really no big deal as long as you link your account to your Roku device all the channels that you’ve Roku channel store had before we’ll be back onto your roku some of your private channels might not be on there but i guarantee that adding private channels will work because so here we go so one of the things that the representative ended up showing me


it click home five times click fast words three times and click rewind Roku channel store two times and you would have to do that really quick starting from the home and let me show you how it’s their secret screen and what they wanted me to do was to actually update the software and you just click continue and if that didn’t work out try unplugging your root device for 30 seconds and see if that works

try adding private channel again and if that also doesn’t work out you would have to restart your Roku on the actual Roku device using a little paper clip or bobby pin to press the little button while your device is still plugged in then try adding your private channel again and if neither of those worked then you would just have to click factory reset and you have to go perform a factory reset

Roku Channel Storeyou can also access that once you go to settings and then you go to system and factory reset and then they would tell you to click the play/pause button three times for you to approve it another way to system restart besides unplugging the Roku device and pressing the button on the roku is to also system restart from the settings as well and that should be it

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