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Amazon is updating their prices, but you might be using Netflix or even Hulu,We’re gonna talk about that next.Hey everybody, Jeffrey Powers here with geekazine,think magazine and put in a geek, you’ve got geekazine.Today we’re going to take a look at those streaming media services that you can get. Some of them are free, some of them you have to pay for. And, we?re going to do basically be highlighting the top three, Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime  Amazon instant or Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu or Hulu Plus. There are other services out there, just so you know, we?ll talk about them a little bit later, as well. But what we?re going to do, we?re going to focus on the three, we?re going to take a look at the good, take a look at the bad and figure out if you only have ten dollars a month to spend, which one should you go for? First of all, my Twitter handlers, geekazine once again, think putting the [Inaudible], everywhere you can find me, just look , and there you are.

All right, well let?s take a look at these service, ?cause this are great streaming services, especially for those of you who are planning to cut your cord, or get rid of your cable, and get into a streaming service where you can get movies for you, for the kids, for friends, whatever. And, go from there.[Netflix]We?re going to start with the Netflix. Now, Netflix has been a service, it started?I?ve had Netflix on and off, for the last ten, twelve years. It started as a DVD rentalservice, you get a DVD through the mail, and they wentfrom one, they went to two, and the three, and four. I?ve used theirDVD mail service for the long time,Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime

But when they switched over to streaming, I?ve switchedto streaming as well.I did have a streaming and DVD rental. You know, you always seem to put those DVDs on the counter or the table, and then you forget about them for a couple of months, and then you?re like, oh yeah, I?ve got to watch that movie.

And then, send them back. So, when Netflix switched and had their whole quickster debacle, that?s when I got rid of the DVDs all together. I don?t even have a DVD player on any of the TVs I own anymore, so? There?s still a DVD rental and a streaming service. And, of course, you can get both of them, or you can get on or the other. I?ve got streaming services. Now here, we?re going to focus on the streaming services, not on the DVD rentals. But here is the good on what?s going on on that flix. First of all, it?s 8 dollars a month. So, for about a 116 dollars a year you will have enough movies, enough TV shows to be satisfied and watch Binge watcher, whatever you want to do with your time there. It?s got one of the best delivery sistems when it comes to movies and TV shows.Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime

They work really hard in creating algorithms that you can use,that they can figure out what you want to watch, and when you want to watch, maybe you watched an old TV show or a movie or something like that. They even plan Hackatons, in fact, for a couple of years they were giving away some big money to people that would create algorithms that would help in the search process of Netflix. Now, Netflix has movies, TV shows, documentaries and some concerts, comedians and stuff like that. Anything that would come out on a DVD, it would pretty much be on a Netflix subscription. They also have a great kid?s library. So, if your kid wants to watch that episode of Thomas the tank engine, or something like that, then you can mostlyfind all of those shows right in the kid? section. And they focus it, big time, for the kids. Because, they just want to watch a TV show. They?ve probably watched that TV show a hundred times already, they?ll watch it again.Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime

Netfli is also working on some great original TV shows, House of cards, season two is coming very very soon. Of course, they had Orange is the new black, they had Arrested development, and some other original shows as well. House of cards coming , not only in 1080p, but they?ve also talked about it coming in a 4k resolution, so if you?re using 4k television sets, you?ll be able to watch Season two of House of cards, at least that was the last rumor that was thrown through the mill there. Here?s some bad when it comes to Netflix. The first of all, is they?ve separated their DVD rental from their streaming services. So, instead of having 8 dollars for one, 8 dollars for another, they didn?t do a 12 dollars for the both, maybe one DVD and streaming. They don?t work back and forth, they work as two separate companies. Eventually, either that DVD rental will die out like blockbuster did, or they?re going to sell it off to somebody else. Now, another thing is, you might not find the videos, or TV shows renewing as much as you really want. Netflix is got rid of a lot of movies and a lot of TV shows, it?s part of contract. In the beginning, they?ve been bringing some new content in, things like Hansel and Gretel, and the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

So, it?s had a refresh. But there?s been times when I sat and watched the cue, and the cue did not move for a month or even more. So, you might find that once you watch all the tv shows and all the movies that are on Netflix, there?s nothing else on there. There are a lot of titles there, so if you?re always open to watching something maybe older, some re-watching something, this is perfect. But if you?re person that pretty much watches one and done, then you might find that Netflix will use it?s luster after a couple of months there. The biggest thing is that hold DVD separation between streaming, you know, the one thing that I find interesting is that they don?t offer you to buy the movie after you?ve watched it. So, that?s one of the things that I would like to see Netflix do. [Amazon] All right, let?s move on to Amazon. And like I said, Amazon is thinking of actually raising their prices.

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime It?s 80 dollars a year, which comes out to less than 8 dollars a month, and they wanna bring it up to, somewhere between a 100 and 120 dollars a year, which means about 9,99 a month you?ll actually get the service. And then of cours,e yo can say, I wanna pay for the year rather than I wanna pay it month a month a month. Which makes it easier, ?cause I can plan for that 80 dollars and have it in the account. So, with 80 dollars a month, you get your movies, you get everything on prime, you get the movies,

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime the TV shows, and all the original series that they have, as well. Now, there?s a lot more that Amazon offers than just music and TV shows. They offer music, they offer products thatyou can get shipped to your door. They offer their Kindle and their Kindle e-books. Now, this is perfect, not only that you get movies and the TV shows that you can watch any time, you can also get certain books that you can download at your Kindle and read at anytime, whether it be a novel, whether it be? I do a lot of computer stuff, so I read a lot of social media, social networking books. I can get those downloaded. Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime And if I wanna buy them, I can buy them as well. They got new TV shows, they do it a little bit differently their big show right now is called Alpha house, but they?ve just put out a whole bunch of brand new shows. And they?ve asked you, which ones stay, which ones go. They did that last year, they?ve put on five or six shows and they?ve let you vote on them and then they chose on from that to actually put money into for a whole season. The other thing is, if it?s not on prime, you have the ability to rent it,you have the ability to buy it. So if youneed to watch Anchor man,because you just watched Anchorman 2 in thetheaters, or you?re getting ready to watchAnchorman 2 in the theaters,you can actually go and see if it?s on Prime,if it?s not on Prime, you can rent it,if it?s not for rent, you can actually purchaseit. 12,99 mostly for movies like that, andTV shows,TV series, I?ve got Big bang theory, a coupleseasons of Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime Big bang theory on my Amazon account.Couple bad things here, first of all it has,Amazon has a port desktop presence.So, if you?re watching on a tablet, if you?re watching on a smartphone,if you?re watching on a Roku Apple TV, Chromecast, it works really well.They?ve got a great interface, you can pullthat from and then send it to. When it comesto the Desktop,they use Amazons regular website, which I?mreally hoping they?ll actually change up,and give us an Interface that looks more likewhat Netflix has, more like what Hulu plus

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime has.Another thing that happened was, and this happened back in December, certain Disney movies that people paid for were taken offline, so the only way you could watch those Disney movies, those holiday movies, was to actually re-rent them. And they got a little bit of flack on that,I?m not sure if they?re gonna do that again, sometimes is licensing of the actual media as opposed to of Amazons policies are. Because, if Disney says take all our movies offline, than Amazon has no choice but to take the movies offline. Same thing with Netflix, same thing with Hulu plus. They?ll come, they?ll go, that?s what it is. But hopefully, if you did pay 12,99 for a movie and it?s taken of Amazon

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime service, you?ll either get a refund or you?ll get a digital download of that somewhere. So, that?s Amazon, that?s the advantagesthat you have, it?s more than just moviesand TV shows,you also get books, you also get 2 days shipping,and a whole slew of stuff for 9,99 a month.[Hulu]All right, let?s talk about Hulu and HuluPlus. Now, there?s a distinct advantageof Hulu plus over our Hulu over the other ones. Hulu, you can actually go to the desktop,call up hulu dot com, and watch shows right then, right there. Whereas, with Amazon and Netflix, they might have some samples you can watch, but they?re very limited. Hulu, you can watch shows from last night, or whatever. You won?t have the extensive library that if you pay the, I think it?s 8.39 a month right now than if it was free, but you can definitely watch certain things. Their biggest advantage is once a TV show on NBC, on fox, on ABC, when they?re done,

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime  Amazon instant or Amazon Prime within 24 hours they?re actually released to Hulu. So it can be your DVR, it can be your instated, it can be whatever you wanna call it, but you can watch things the next day. They also have original shows as well, the Awesomes, the Morning after, [Inaudible] and the Maddison Wi, that I really hope that they make a second season on soon, called Battleground. They have TV episodes, they have movies. Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime Their biggest downfall though is, of course, commercials. They put commercials within the content. Even when you pay the monthly fee, you have to, you get two to three commercials between each show. The other bad thing about Hulu and Hulu Plus is that, sometimes they do added content. Not as much, what they do have filters for child safety. And of course they put out more risky content as well. But they are certain TV shows, copyright issues, or time issues they?ll actually condense it.

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime  Amazon instant or Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu or Hulu Plus. There are other services out there, just so you know, we?ll talk about them a little bit later, as well. But what we?re going to do, we?re going to focus on the three, we?re going to take a look at the good, take a look at the bad and figure out if you only have ten dollars a month to spend, which one should you go for? First of all, my Twitter

Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime  Amazon instant or Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu or Hulu Plus. There are other services out there, just so you know, we?ll talk about them a little bit later, as well. But what we?re going to do, we?re going to focus on the three, we?re going to take a look at the good, take a look at the bad and figure out if you only have ten dollars a month to spend, which one should you go for? First of all, my Twitter     For instance, Saturday night live, they won?t put a whole episode of Saturday night live, sometimes they?ll take the musical guest out, sometimes they?ll take a skitter two out, just to compress it within an hour as opposedto the full 90 minutes of the actual show.Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime The others] There are a lot of other services out there, like for instance, Vodoo, Crackle, that have paid and free models that you can get into. HBO go is really getting into the streaming market. Right now you need an HBO cable subscription before you could actually get HBO go. But I could see within the next couple of years, contracts like that actually getting completely rewritten. So, HBO can actually go on the streaming set up boxes. And when they do, it will be a very big game changer because they come up with a lot of great content. Stars used to be on Netflix, as a streaming option and content within, but right now you have more than just these three, you have other options, and you just have to research the good and bad of what these options are, if you can buy the movies, if you rent the movies, what the charges are, and what the content that gets delivered to you comes in. One big thing about this services is, you got to remember that your internet connection rules the internet connection at the TV. So, if you?ve got a blurry picture on Netflix or something like that, that?s because they?re pulling at a lower stream rateso they can get the content to you. Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime  Amazon instant or Amazon Prime Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime  Amazon instant or Amazon Prime

You might want to check with your internet provider or streaming provider to find out why it?s not getting the full 1080p. If you choose that on your box. These are all the things you?re taking on account when you get streaming service like this.The best part is, you can watch it anywhere you can watch it on your desktop, you can watch it on your tablet, on your smartphone, and even on over the top television on your TV in the living room. So, you have many options, and that?s the cool thing about today, and where we are with the internet, is you can choose and have a great service. So the real question is, are you going to get Netflix, are you going to get Amazon, are you going to get Hulu? Are you going to get Netflix just for House of cards, or maybe Orange is the new black, remember? That, it?s 8 dollars a month, but you know, if you?re only watching those two shows, that comes out to about 80, 90 dollars a year. Put a little bit of financial though into that, and of course, Amazon having more than just that, with movies, TV shows, the Roku Account Activation Amazon Offers Amazon Prime Kindle, and of course the 2 day shipping if you order stuff online. Well, that?s it, hopefully I?ve helped you figure out where you?re going to go with your money, and which service you?re going to go, let thanks a lot for watching this special media of which streaming service you?re going to get. And, until next time, you guys, geek out, and take care.

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Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus

Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  you were wondering how to add more channels to your roku other than the standard channels that come on the roku so you can watch basically anything you want all of the free movies new and old all of the TV shows you want to watch live shadows and so forth as you guys know the roku have a lot of stuff but it is at the same time very limited in order to watch movies and stuff like that you would have to be the wrentham or pay for the Netflix application subscription monthly or hulu clothes or anything of that sort so i’m going to show you how to add everything that you need to basically not jailbreak it made you break your roku box

Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  but what if you want to use that term you can use it well basically open it up so you can do pretty much anything you want with the Box all right so let me show you how to do it first I’m going to put this link on the description of the video so you can find it easily they’re right here you have to download an application called flex if you’re not familiar with flex flex is a media server that you installed on your computer on their from there you could have a stream all the content to your roku box

Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  so basically you click on computer and then you download the the plex media server on to your computer and then you had all the all the unsupported channels on there so you can access it through your Roku Roku now recently updated is functionality and now they included flex which is great so we’re able to do all of these thanks to that ok then once you download flex you have to go to this page which again i’m going to put on the description of the video and in here you scroll down it and right here where it says that little plugin bundle as if

Roku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu PlusRoku Channel Store Netflix Plex Amazon CBS Hulu Plus  you have to click on that you have to download it once you find it here you open up the folder that you have it at in this case I have it on the downloads and right click and send it to the desktop whichever way you want to send it to the next top with doing at this is my best way to do it so you basically send it to your desktop and then you’ll have it there then I once you have flex obviously install you’re going to right-click flex and you’re going to open plugins folder this is where all the plugins are at and then you’re going to have these on support of plugins folder here you’re gonna drag it onto here and here it is on the bottom for me here alrighty then once you have it there you go to play the Flex server and just like

if you would to add if you were to add movies or TV shows or pictures or home videos or anything like that you would add these channel to your this bundle to your channels and then you would access all of the channels on the on the road where you’re going to have everything from A to Z free movies movies there are even in the movie theater live shadows a lot a lot of content that is not currently available on the regular channels on roku because obviously they

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Roku Link Code Retrieving Code apple Tv

Roku Link Code Retrieving Code apple Tv oh you know this past month has been hardware Roku four fire TV 2 apple TV for but now what’s happening is applications are starting to roll out for them the latest application that’s rolled out in this isn’t a new application but it’s an update play on play on has always been a private channel for roku that you basically get from their website

Roku Link Code Retrieving Code apple Tv what they’ve done is they have put a brand new interface out for the roku and you can see it as i’m flipping through this is a giant antic leap forward from what was a essentially if you look at this it was just a left-to-right in a kind of sometimes fuzzy icons that showed you what you could watch and where and what you’ve got now is a nice grid system that allows you to look through these things so much easier when you actually open up programming let’s say we want to go to ABC family

what this is going to do is access what is on the ABC family website like it’s like you said it gives you four choices so you don’t have to cycle through too much it’s just all right there you can just you bring it closer to you basically for selection but this loads quickly it’s not as quick as a native app that lets say you just want to watch this what this is going to do is pull the video through my computer and stream it from that you have to have a server to run play on

Roku Link Code Retrieving Code apple Tv Roku Link Code Retrieving Code apple Tvwe have more information on play on the website i’ll put a link in that explains it a little better looks like we’re going to get some sort of a commercial first name ABC family is becoming a refund that’s right ABC family is changing its name to free for there’s nothing that’ll be easy to remember but it’s the star show unleash the power

just you know brings channels that are available pretty much anywhere else is you know so far there is nobody with a CW app and even cooler it has a CWC channel CW seed is a channel that set up to play content owned by CBS who owns the CW and in most cases you have to just grab it from a website but

what this does is it gives you access to the stuff directly on your TV and we’re at something a lot of people like it’s like for instance the original flash as popular is the new flash series is the original flash book of a major cult following over the years and you can check out episodes of that series in full through the CWC again has to transcode from my computer

buffering right then but in general this is a very able interface and system and I think that it adds a lot to what you’re looking for if you’re trying to start streaming now the thing about play on is it does cost money there’s a their monthly charges there’s lifetime charges and you are going to have to have a tie computer to use as a server www Roku Com Link

Roku Retrieving Code over 700 apps Amazon, Netflix

Roku Retrieving Code over 700 apps Amazon, Netflix Review on the roku streaming device for those who don’t who don’t know about the Roku.  Roku is one of the hottest new device you can get allows you seem a lot of contacts have over 700 apps that are available on their channel store this is right now we’re looking at is the whole interface on how local used to look you know they had big chunky tiles sometimes took a while for it to load

but here you look at the new in the Roku Retrieving Code face of my team which are able to do now is just go to settings and change the display they made everything more easier to I would say to navigate you see the net on the categories on the left hand and the tiles on the right hand shows you what those categories hold as you can see the music store

you know the music category right Roku Retrieving Code over 700 apps Amazon, Netflix there you see Penn door um you know news and weather you know you see it all right here there you know a lot of people you know it brings a lot of packaged like the sports package awesome just to let you guys know roku didn’t do not have a lot of live streaming content just for you have to be aware but you know I feel like it gets the job done two things that doesn’t have that after that’s very important is NFL football and YouTube those are the two things that it doesn’t have that act like you know what sealed

the deal but hopefully in the near future Roku Retrieving Code they able to add those application in there with an update other than that everything here is nice you have everything they have heavy thing uh also added a PBS for the kids as well so it’s like i said this junk is very friendly and our international it’s real cool

it’s called know where TV you cannot downloadRoku Retrieving Code you cannot download it from the store you have to go on your local County at that channel what rope with no RTV does it allows your string any locals any local news station in your neighborhood like in your region for example throughout the day that in your region as you can see you can see all the different networks that are available on the roku Roku Retrieving Code over 700 apps Amazon, Netflix

Roku Retrieving Code over 700 apps Amazon, Netflix Roku Retrieving Code over 700 apps Amazon, NetflixI mean yeah they have abundant stuff I think this app along have over a hundred different types of apps so what I’m going to do for you guys is gonna leave the code in the description you can go ahead and you know go to your local account and typing in next what happened to the start of amazon instant video

I feel like amazon instant video is beating Netflix because of one thing that allows you to basically string contact doug that are on DVD new DVD releases for you know small C which means necessary KITT of to me it hands down actually it’s more cheaper you pay it out slowly year and will keep me well entertained and like I said the new releases is just ridiculous the minute the movie’s release you’re able to basically watch it for additional five dollars for 48 hours which is cool

the next thing that’s really cool about the roku is that they have an appt at there you know that well there’s a row collapse in your and you know android or apple store where you be able to use your phone as a remote as you can see and the one of the coolest thing is you can also use voice control you know take this out large hulu plus – right there hulu plus just magically appears


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Roku Channel Store

hey guys i understand that some of you may be having difficulty trying to Roku Channel Store add private channels the system is not updating it even though you’ve tried it so many different times and you’ve tried in many different channels i personally experienced it as well

so what I ended up doing was I had to put my roku back in to factory settings put your roku in to factory settings it’s really no big deal as long as you link your account to your Roku device all the channels that you’ve Roku channel store had before we’ll be back onto your roku some of your private channels might not be on there but i guarantee that adding private channels will work because so here we go so one of the things that the representative ended up showing me


it click home five times click fast words three times and click rewind Roku channel store two times and you would have to do that really quick starting from the home and let me show you how it’s their secret screen and what they wanted me to do was to actually update the software and you just click continue and if that didn’t work out try unplugging your root device for 30 seconds and see if that works

try adding private channel again and if that also doesn’t work out you would have to restart your Roku on the actual Roku device using a little paper clip or bobby pin to press the little button while your device is still plugged in then try adding your private channel again and if neither of those worked then you would just have to click factory reset and you have to go perform a factory reset

Roku Channel Storeyou can also access that once you go to settings and then you go to system and factory reset and then they would tell you to click the play/pause button three times for you to approve it another way to system restart besides unplugging the Roku device and pressing the button on the roku is to also system restart from the settings as well and that should be it

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Roku Error

Having problem with the roku the problem is not connecting not being able to connect to your local network you know since the roku connects to Wi-Fi
online you’re going to press these buttons on your Roku Error remote control okay here we go going to click these buttons ok so once you click those buttons you’re going to reach a screen does that software update software go ahead and click that I know you don’t have connections online just go ahead

Roku Error

Roku Error

and click and make sure it updates it should restart your Roku ok and once you do that you have to click another set of buttons i will place them on the screen for you alright so i think you are click close by and controllers and sent you to this menu it’s called a platform secret screen

okay so on the bottom right corner and you have these options you what you want to do is you want to see what network ping or pings alright so just scroll down all right scroll down and do whatever you have to do ok i already have been disabled but you’re going to go ahead and click ok then click back

I just are I’m trying to connect if it doesn’t connect reset your your roku you might not want to try to disconnect it from the power connected back in and try www Roku Com Link