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Roku – First Time Install & How to Activate

Step 1. Connect HDMI

Step 2 – Put the 2 Supplied AA batteries into the Roku remote.

Step 3 – Plug-in the supplied Roku Power Adapter

Step 4 – Plug-into your internet connected computer go to www roku com link and follow the steps to setup your Roku billing account.

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Using your Roku is free, you are only billed if you decide to make a purchase of a Roku app or content such as a “Pay to View” movie.The First Step in hoc in the Roku Up is you wanna hook it up to your flat-screen HDTV so you gonna need to get an HDMI Cable .”This is not come with ROKU ”

Okay Take your Roku there’s the HDMI Jack,Your HDMI Cable Slip it in. Look at the connections on the back your TV Locate unavailable HDMI input plug the other end to that HDMI cable right there now an alternative called connection method would be, if you surround sound receiver or home theater receiver or on AVR there they’re all the same thing basically.Plug this HDMI cable into back of your AVR and then you’re a Dr Ste
Plugged into the back of your TV the next step take. www roku com link.

Turn the Television on using the Source button on the TV remote relocate the HDMI input you want to select you language and then you want to connect to your network now if you have a WiFi network you can put in your WiFi user name in you wifi password if you happen to have a our router close by you can plug in your Roku to the router all she had to do that real quick if you have your Router nearby you can use an Ethernet patch
cord and just plug it into jack.

Roku Support

Use Live Support for ROKU CODE ACTIVATION.